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Customer Advisory – Turning off your PC


Dear Customer,

We would like to take this opportunity to advise our customers that PCs and Laptops should not be left on overnight or for extended periods of time. PCs and Laptop units are not designed to be left on 24/7/365.

Doing so can decrease the life of the unit, and increase costs associated with providing power to the units.

With customers with Servers onsite, leaving the unit on for extended periods of time can cause problems with communication back to the Server, including loss of email access, file access, etc.

Also by not rebooting the operating system, problems can arise overtime that would not have otherwise have happened.

Servers are not affected by this and are designed to stay on 24/7/365.

We kindly ask that before logging a support ticket with our support desk, our customers first reboot their machine in order to see if this resolves the issue for them. Not only will this potentially reduce the downtime for our customers, it will enable our support desk to better prioritise our resources.


Thank you,

Ashby Computer Services Support Team