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Do you have a seamless employee onboarding process?

We all know that first impressions matter a lot. When it comes to new employees starting in your company, you have an excellent opportunity to make the transition into the new role as smooth as possible and impress them using technology.

In this article, we will discuss some of the ways we are helping local businesses just like yours create a smooth, seamless employee onboarding process that makes new employees’ onboarding a breeze.

The Future of Laptop Deployments

Within Microsoft Azure’s cloud, they have two technologies called Autopilot and Endpoint. Combined with the proper hardware vendor, we can set up templates for all your new business laptops and desktop.

Orders can be placed directly with the hardware vendor and delivered to the end user’s address. When they log in for the 1st time, autopilot takes control and installs all the relevant apps your business uses automatically.

There is no longer any need for us to order and take delivery of laptops that have to be built – the process within azure cuts down in both the time required by your IT providers and the additional delivery costs that can be incurred by remote/hybrid employees.

IT & Systems Induction

There’s nothing worse than starting with a new company and not knowing anything about how the IT systems and apps work. We’ve seen clients take many months to train and get employees up to speed with basic tasks within their IT systems. This also includes delivering a level of cyber security awareness to staff.

To help solve this problem, we have turned to the inbuilt apps within Office365. This includes Microsoft Streams, Forms and Sharepoint. These technologies can help deliver a knowledge library of “how-tos” and standard operating procedures that your staff can access whenever they may have a question about how to perform a particular task within your business’s technology stack. This takes the guesswork out of many tasks and reduces mistakes that may have otherwise been made.

Rapid response IT Support & technical requests.

From time to time, technology does get in the way – things break and need support, but there’s nothing worse than having a bad experience with your IT provider.

You want the problem fixed fast and fixed right the first time. The same is true for anyone new to the company. You want the support process to be efficient so they can concentrate on their new role.

That’s why it’s essential to have easy support access – be I a friendly phone call, team message or email. Our technical support team is ready to help you and your new employees.