Anti-Virus Solutions

We have partnered with a number of Anti-Virus providers to enable us to provide bespoke solutions for varying customer needs.

Maintain high performance and protect your users

Get the proactive security solution that lets you focus on managing your business, not your antivirus. Powered by proven NOD32® technology, it balances fast scanning with precise detection and a light system footprint designed to extend the lifetime and usability of your hardware. Multiple layers of protection include data access control to prevent data leakage and block unauthorized devices. Manage everything from a single console with the intuitive Remote Administrator.

ESET Features
Malware removal Antimalware protection Eliminates all types of threats including viruses; rootkits; worms; Trojans and spyware. Host Intrusion Prevention Systems (HIPS)Monitors entry points into the system and specific system activities and blocks suspected intrusion attempts.
Advanced memory scanner Improves detection of APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) which use multiple layers of encryption to conceal their activity Tools icon Built-in diagnostic and recovery tools SysInspector performs in-depth analysis of endpoint systems to identify possible security risks; SysRescue allows you to create an automatically bootable OS image with installed security solution to clean deeply infected endpoints.
Anti-Phishing Guards against attempts to acquire passwords; banking data and other info by fake websites posing as legitimate ones. Exploit blocker Blocks attacks specifically designed to exploit common application processes; typically targeting web browsers and PDF readers.
Device Control Blocks unauthorized media and devices from the system and enables you to set rules/parameters for specific media; devices; users and clients. Remote administrator icon Remote Administrator Deploy; run tasks; set up policies; collect logs; get notifications and overall security of your network via a single web-based management console.

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