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Microsoft Wired 600 Keyboard & Mouse Desktop Set


Microsoft Wired Desktop 600 Black Keyboard with 3 Button Optical Mouse USB

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 Microsoft Wired 600 Keyboard & Mouse Desktop Set

Wired Simplicity

Wireless technology has many benefits, but sometimes you need to have something wired, so you have the confidence the keyboard and mouse will always be working – no swapping batteries with the TV remote.

Both parts of this desktop set are wired and provide 72 inches of cable length, so you can be sure that they will connect to your PC’s USB ports, no matter what your desk set up is.

Quiet and Durable

Quiet touch keys and a spill resistant design mean you can drink at your desktop and tap away furiously and not worry about a spilt drink breaking anything, or annoying those around you.

Covers the basics

Windows keys, media keys, calculator, number pad and scroll wheels. This keyboard and mouse set covers all the basics that you would expect, with the added bonus of having the high quality build associated with Microsoft PC Accessories.

Comfortable Precision

Sculpted curves to fit your hand ensure that whether you are left or right handed this mouse remains comfortable to use. Add this to the 800 DPI (dots per inch) optical sensor, you can quickly click even the smallest button on your screen.