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IT Remote Support

IT Remote Support for Northamptonshire

Getting IT remote support for you and your business has never been easier. Ashby Computer Services a Northampton based company means you can get IT remote support without requiring a site visit. we would become your outsourced IT helpdesk for any IT issue that your business may have.  

With remote support you can get your IT issues resolved much quicker than relying on a site visit or bringing the device to us.

IT Remote Support

Choosing the right IT partner

Remote IT support enables us to fix most IT issues by connecting to your computer through our encrypted software. This means we can access your computers to provide maintenance and support without being physically in the room with you. Once connected, we take control of the computer we’re servicing and perform whatever task is needed.

We can fix most IT issues by remote connection apart from the exception of a computer not turning on, hardware faults and internet access issues. Even so we still continue to have a workshop where you can bring devices to us.

Qualified to Microsoft Standards

Once connected via our secure remote software, you can site back and relax while our qualified engineers review the issue and work to get it resolved. All engineers are qualified to Microsoft standards meaning you get only the highest quality of support at all times.

A solution fit for you

Remote support is a much more cost effective way of receiving IT support services for your business. No longer are you waiting around or being charged for travel time while an engineer arrives to your business. Remote sessions normally last less than 15 minutes which result in getting you back up and running much quicker than traditional site visits.

Fast, efficient results

Security is key – Ashby Computers will only ever connect to your machines using secure software. The tunnel between our machine and yours is always encrypted meaning only Ashby Computers are able to view what is happening. You are in control at all time and as such can terminate the remote connection at any time if required or concerned.

High satisfaction rate

Customer satisfaction and customer service is key which is why our helpdesk have satisfaction survey requests sent out after each ticket. Ashby Computers has a high satisfaction rating of over 4.8 / 5.0 and is key to our success. Ashby Computers will give you not just excellent IT support but a great experience at the same time.

Frequently Asked Question

Category: Remote Support

Each company is different but the costs are based on a per device or per user basis.

Category: Remote Support

One of the biggest benefits of remote IT Support is the cost savings that businesses experience by making business IT support costs lower as you are reducing the travel times. A managed service approach will also provide businesses with comprehensive security, customized backup and recovery solutions, can still be included even with a remote support only contract.

Category: Remote Support

Most IT issues are now dealt with remotely and the need to attend site for IT faults is a lot less, so why pay for site visits if they are not needed? With our secure Teamviewer application our engineers will connect onto your machines and resolve the IT fault/s that you may have much quicker than waiting for a site visit.

Category: Remote Support

By default our support contracts are 4 working hours, however we rarely ever take that long (not once in the past 4 years) with the current response time for the past trailing 7 days being 11 minutes.

Category: Remote Support

Our team can and do support any size of business from 1 user up to a company of 150 IT users. We have specialised knowledge in a large number of industries and have seen a vast amount of line of business applications which we can also first line assist with.

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