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From a technology perspective, working from home has never been easier. Even for large teams, collaboration through a decent IT setup and communication software such as Microsoft Teams is essential. The rise of mobile devices, cloud computing and collaboration software have made most office-based roles achievable from home. How can you ensure your staff & colleagues are safe, secure and towing the company line when they work from home?

To employers, how can you ensure your staff are safe, secure and towing the company line when they work from home?

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Remote Review for Managers and Directors

At Ashby, our free remote IT assessment does just that, it enhances the ways employees work and we provide remote IT support so they can work to an optimal level, just like being in the office.


We support and test your IT hardware, making sure it's reliable, fast and is secure


We review your computer systems and advise on tools to improve performance, collaborate and project manage


We can help managers and directors keep track of employee data, device sign-ons and system tracking

In our free consultation, we cover many IT support topics including:


Remote file access and sharing - have you set this up correctly?


Microsoft Teams – do you know what this is and how to use it?


VPN – is this setup and how secure is your data?


Slow remote access – is your current setup speed unworkable?


Security - How is your data being transmitted and communicated?


Sign-on Logs - Do you require staff auditing software?


Is your offsite IT hardware running the latest software versions?


Can you block inappropriate websites and applications?

Take the guesswork out of your IT issues with a FREE IT assessment from qualified experts

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