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Get Windows 10 Notification – Information

This post is important – please read


Dear Customers

Today Microsoft have released the update to Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 machines to ready them for the Windows 10 upgrade.

Currently customers can register their interest in the update through this notification, and we encourage our customers to do so.

However – at present there is not much information on what happens during the upgrade process, and whether the PC would be in the same useable state (we think most likely that they won’t be) after said upgrade.

To this end, for the time being, we strongly recommend that customers contact us first before proceeding with any in place upgrades to their machines. This will ensure that no out of support charges maybe charged if a machine is changed in a way that makes un-useable on a work network.

This upgrade will not be considered a supported issue under our support contracts.

We will release more information when it is available on this, and our stance may change in the future regarding this update.


Thank you for your time,


The Ashby Computers Support Team