How to get more out of your IT provider

  • Posted on: 3 Dec

You may be paying a monthly amount to an IT company to provide you with a "managed service".  What does this include and what exactly are they doing behind the scenes to keep your business online and up and running? Here's a list of the most common items an IT company does as part of their service. Remote...

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What is email spoofing awareness?

  • Posted on: 7 Nov

  IT Security For Small Business Users have a critical role to play in their organisation's security and so it's important that security rules and the technology provided enable users to do their job as well as help keep the organisation secure. View PDF

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Don’t fall for these 5 common email phishing tactics

  • Posted on: 5 Nov

Don't fall for these 5 common email phishing tactics Email phishing is the act of someone with malicious intent attempting to extract information, usually passwords but this can vary depending on the severity of the threat posed. We're going to cover the 5 most common signals that will help you spot an email that might be a phishing...

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Another technology acronym worth knowing about

  • Posted on: 18 Oct

Yes, we technology people have many acronyms, I'll admit that but there are some that are worth knowing about. Why?  Well to protect your business, not only from a security aspect but also a cost perspective. In this article, you are going to learn all about UPS. And before you start thinking it's going something to do with...

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Have you had an IT security audit in the last 12 months?

  • Posted on: 11 Oct

Fun fact - an IT security audit of your business systems is something that will not only help reduce the risk to your IT systems being breached but you might not be insured if you have not been audited recently. Cyber Security Insurance is a bit of a no brainer in many businesses now, the risk is just...

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Where is your business data and how secure is it?

  • Posted on: 25 Sep

We regularly talk about cybersecurity and the need to make sure your systems secure. However, one item that rarely gets mentioned is the actual data sitting behind your companies IT systems, the majority of cybersecurity breaches that happen today encrypt corporate data. As more and more breaches happen governments all around the world are looking to tighten up...

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There is no 2020 problem – it’s just marketing fluff – here’s why

  • Posted on: 13 Sep

There is no 2020 problem – it’s just marketing fluff – here’s why. You may have read in some online articles about what's known as the 2020 problem in the IT world. The basic premise is that anyone running older versions of Microsoft Windows or Microsoft server need's to upgrade. Why? Mainly because Microsoft is going to stop...

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3 web apps that may change your business

  • Posted on: 6 Sep

3 web apps that may change your business What's the next big thing that's going to change your business? We're constantly bombarded with hype about self-driving cars, machine learning and digital transformation. Has any of this changed your business in the last few years?  I'm sure there is a small percentage but for the majority of businesses, the...

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Too many emails?  Here’s 4 helpful efficiency hacks

  • Posted on: 28 Aug

If your anything like me your inbox is cram-packed and emails eat up a good portion of your day.  In this post, you'll learn four efficiency hacks that will help you manage your inbox. Mail Rules You may have emails that arrive to your inbox which you don't necessarily have to read.   But do have to store then...

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3 things your IT provider is doing that you are blissfully unaware of

  • Posted on: 23 Aug

If you’re paying for a managed IT service, you might be unaware of the following things. As part of any managed IT service quite commonly, your systems will be covered with a piece of software referred to as RMM - this stands for remote monitoring and management.  It's crucial for a managed IT service companies’ success with their...

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