1) Reliability

Modern day business protocol seems to expect people to respond to emails within 10 minutes of them being sent and users feel pressured into following this pattern.

Rightly or wrongly this is where email has ended up and for this reason, the availability of email services is the single most important factor for the modern-day business.

Most business can survive a couple of hours without their applications, however when your email service is down, the fear of missing emails and not responding to your customers is what causes the biggest concern.

2) Microsoft Exchange Server

Office 365 gives you a fully functional Microsoft Exchange Server that offers businesses so many more features than out of date POP and IMAP email systems including:-

  • Out Of Office capability letting your clients know when you are away from the office
  • Shared Calendars so you can manage your time more efficiently and your colleagues can see exactly where you are
  • synchronised email across all your devices including Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops and PC’s – no more deleting emails in Outlook and deleting them all over again on your phone…..
  • Access your mailbox from any internet connected device via the Office 365 website
  • Multiple spam filters that help reduce the amount of Junk getting through to your inbox

 “Share Calendars, Contacts and group mailboxes such as Sales@ so nothing gets missed”

3) Emails are automatically backed up

Traditional POP and IMAP systems download email from your Email Service Provider directly onto your device, the email is then removed from your EMail Service Provider and as such only now exists on your device.  Few people back up their PC’s or Laptops and as such risk loosing all of their emails if the device was ever stolen or destroyed.

Office 365 works differently, it provides your device with a copy of your mailbox that is stored on Office 365.  If ever your device fails or is stolen you simply connect your new laptop or PC to your Office 365 account and all your emails will be back again…..exactly how you left them.

4) Increased delivery success

With your email originating from Microsoft servers it is less likely to be classed as SPAM and end up in your recipients SPAM box or worse still being blocked completely by firewalls and SPAM filters.

Most email systems use a technology called SMTP Reverse DNS lookup which checks out the sender in order to decide if the email is SPAM or not.  By moving to Office 365 you Reverse lookup is reported as Microsoft and is therefore less likely to be subject to any SPAM filters.

 “Modern day SPAM filters check where your email has come from and use this information to decide if it is JUNK”

5) 80,000,000 people can’t be wrong……

It is estimated that over 80 million people have moved their email to Office 365.

If you are interested about making the move, contact us today for further details or a FREE cloud readiness report.