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Microsoft Loop: What It Is and How to Use it to Leverage Your Business in 2022

Microsoft Loop is an interesting little piece of software that has practically just been announced as part of the new Microsoft 365 package. If you would like a more powerful collaboration alternative to websites like Slack, Microsoft Loop promises to be the answer.

Here’s what you should know about the best features of Microsoft Loop and how you can make use of it to power the most essential collaborations in your business this year.

Made for Collaboration

Microsoft Loop has been made for the collaborative business, which described almost the majority of companies during the COVID-19 pandemic – but also applies to millions of artists, writers, freelancers and industries who all prefer to work together on the same project.

Anywhere Microsoft 365 software is used, Microsoft Loop can enhance your ability to collaborate, connect and share.

Built for Ease

Microsoft Loop has been built for ease-of-use, with all the most important functions right at your fingers. Access active projects with the click of a button, or move straight over to the next project with another tab.

Everything from the interface to the on-board widgets have been created to make the software easy to use for anyone, and far superior to almost any website or platform that your business is using right now.

Introducing New Workspaces

Microsoft Loop introduces the fresh concept of workspaces, which allows for everything to be visible and accessible to everyone in a single place. This is said to be one of the most powerful features that allows for real-time collaboration on anything, with notes and main project details right where you need it.

Enhanced Visual Connections

Communication isn’t just about words these days, but a lot of communication requires a visual aspect to get the message across. Visual connections are fully incorporated in Microsoft Loops with the use of in-line notes and emojis, a fully-capable live chat for members and the ability to create and organize lists.

Microsoft Loops guarantees that nobody working on an active project will ever be left in the dark – or left to deal with any miscommunication within business ever again.

Work Together

Collaboration is the whole point of Microsoft Loop. The software has been designed so that everyone can work together on the same project, with all the information flying back and forth through tens of different accounts now able to be kept in the same place.

Microsoft Loop guarantees an easier and faster approach to collaboration.

Compatible with Microsoft 365 Software

As a Microsoft product, all Microsoft 365 software is automatically compatible with Microsoft Loop. No matter what your project might be, Microsoft Loop can include your files.

Ultra Powerful Features

Microsoft Loop is built with a host of powerful features, including the ability to store all your project data in the same place – and work from anywhere, with anyone who is part of your team. Used together with other software options like Microsoft Teams, your business with Microsoft 365 could be unstoppable when using them right!