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Future-Proofing Your IT Partnership

It’s easy to focus on the technology when choosing a new provider. You approach them with a list of issues related to your current provider, such as slow response times, limited support, or perhaps a lack of communication.

The new provider may then quote you a similar service along with a unique offering that stands out compared to others, but it’s often easy to get lost in the details.

Remember that the technology your new IT provider manages in your business must align with the business’s goals and strategy.

Three Steps to Future-Proof Your IT Partnership

To assist with this, here are three things to get right when initiating a relationship with your new IT provider:

Step 1 – Set quarterly account review meetings

Many IT providers might use this as an opportunity to upsell other services they offer, so be aware of this. Then, there are providers who don’t even review the performance of how they are managing your account on a regular basis.

Ensure you schedule quarterly dates in the diary to meet with your new provider.

The primary focus should initially be on creating a technology roadmap – this will help prioritise what are the easy wins for the business when it comes to technology.

Utilising tools like the action priority matrix to develop the technology roadmap will be a significant step in the right direction and help make the quarterly meetings productive.

Step 2 – Joint innovation/learning sessions

Depending on resources and agreements with your new IT provider, it’s worth discussing what types of training/learning sessions they could provide.

This not only helps raise awareness of issues like cybersecurity threats but also serves as an important feedback mechanism where the workforce can voice opinions to help prioritise and focus within the technology roadmap.

Tech Talks on new and upcoming Microsoft features such as the latest versions of Outlook or Teams are just some examples of topics that can be covered in these sessions.

Step 3 – Risk Management & Compliance

Not all IT providers will be inclined to assist with this, but it’s increasingly important in most businesses due to cybersecurity threats and their impact on risk management.

A list of risks should be maintained within the business, including a section dedicated to IT, data, and cybersecurity compliance. Your IT provider is crucial in keeping this risk register updated and should regularly review it at quarterly meetings.

If you are considering moving to a new IT provider that covers these topics, think about contacting us.