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Don’t wait. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 support ends soon!

Microsoft will be pulling the plug on “Patch Tuesdays” for Windows Server 2003 in less than a year, when it ends security updates, support and technical content updates on July 14, 2015. A product’s end-of-life can be expensive, disruptive, and full of risk—and have a dramatic impact on your business. The sun setting of Windows Server 2003 is no exception. Without any more updates or patches from Microsoft, your organization’s infrastructure will be less stable and secure.

Various issues might arise when Microsoft ends its support of Windows Server 2003. After support ends, your organization may not meet industry-wide compliance standards and regulations, resulting in lost business, paying high transaction fees and penalties, or failing compliance audits. Maintenance costs for legacy hardware are likely to increase, and those maintenance costs can add up quickly—so staying put will probably cost more in the end.

What to do?

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