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New Staff Member – Ali Bernard

Greetings my name is Ali Bernard and I was born and raised in North London to Jamaican Parents whom came to England during the latter 1950’s, early 60’s.

I am the fourth born out of five children, my eldest sibling was born and raised and lives in Jamaica and has two daughters aged 41 and 27

I grew up with 3 other siblings, me being the youngest of the boys and I have a sister who is a year younger than me. My eldest brother passed away aged 27 from an asthma attack in 1989.

I went to a comprehensive school in my local area, which is known for producing Politicians, Musicians, Film and Television celebrities, Sports personalities throughout the years.

Nightclub/Events Promotions 1988 – 1995

Just one of many roles was organizing the flyers to be distributed around London., along with finding a Security firm, arranging Portaloos etc..

Organized club nights for 300 – 500 Capacity

Organized larger scale events from 1500 – 20,000 Capacity

FILM&TV – 1996 -2005

In 1996 I was fortunate enough to join an industry that not many people get a chance at joining which was the Visual effects industry in London Soho. I started as a runner in the tv department to working my way to the big league “FILM”. I worked on films such as Gladiator, Harry Potter , James Bond. And many more, I worked as a technical assistant to the Producer and Director as well as an Engineer the icing on the cake was seeing my name in the film credits for Gladiator. I worked on twenty-eight titles in total spanning nearly 10yrs.

In 2005 I worked on my last film and followed a deep passion of mine which was to work in one of the most prestigious museums of Egyptian Antiquity outside of Egypt itself …The Petrie Museum on the campus of UCL. Until 2009

2009 I moved to Northampton and raised two step children and then had my own child in 2012. Who is now aged 8 but thinks he is 16 because he has much older siblings.

Over the last few years I have worked at a few companies within the IT Industry. Like Kab Seating , Daisy group , The stroke Assoc, St Andrews Healthcare.

My new role at Ashby Computers allows me to grow as an individual and support a vast number of Northamptonshire clients.