Web Filtering

Help Defend Your Business Against Internet Threats

For today’s businesses, the web is a necessary resource, yet it can also be a source of substantial risk. While your employees require access to the information available online, it’s important that they are not continually distracted by irrelevant content–or anything that might represent a risk to your organisation.

Establishing acceptable use policies can help, but you also need the technology to monitor and enforce these policies. Web Filtering from Ashby Computer Services gives you control over what your employees do online and protects your organisation from web-based threats.

Why Use Ashby Computers Web Filtering?

Ease of Administration
  • Define web usage policies easily with a central management console
  • Simplified management and reporting
Return on Investment
  • Ease of deployment, administration and use lowers implementation costs and minimizes support costs
Flexible and Scalable
  • Fits into almost any infrastructure with minimal maintenance
  • Tailor the service to suit the exact requirements of your organization


Ashby Computers cloud-based Web Filtering combines inline security scanning with central policy enforcement so you can secure and control what employees do online. With our advanced features such as web 2.0 controls, data loss prevention and browser control, you can tailor the service to suit your company’s requirements.

Ashby Computers Web Filtering Key Benefits

  • Protect your organisation from web-based threats.
  • Improve control over internet browsing.
  • Enforce web usage policies to all users regardless of location.
  • Improve operational resilience with multi-site and roaming user support.

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