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Removing an old out of support server for Abraxas Cookshop

Abraxas Cookshop


A retail company in Northamptonshire, came to us upon a recommendation from a current client to investigate their network. Poor wireless signal across the building, internet issues cutting the tills off making trading very difficult and an overall poor IT support response.


Ashby Computers completed a wireless survey in their building and identified the areas that needed improving, we suggested Ubiquiti network switches and wireless access points. These devices at a great price point allow for cloud management and reporting.

Impact and Advantage

Once the devices were installed, we noticed the previous IT support had incorrectly set their firewall up, a few changes in the configuration meant the customer could access their management reports for the first time in months, something that the previous IT were unable to do so.

Ongoing IT support and monitoring of their IT systems have resulted in productivity increasing with the view of adding their other sites to the agreement shortly.

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