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Customer Focused Case Studies


Barton Telecom Services Ltd began trading in 1995, supplying telecommunication services to Northamptonshire and surrounding counties.

Barton Telecom Services Ltd provide VoIP business telephone systems, new and refurbished on-site telephone systems, super-fast broadband, low-cost lines & calls, and business mobile packages. Whatever the size of your company, we have a product that can help to improve your business.

Barton was concerned their previous email provider couldn’t maintain a high enough up time for what their business needed or the flexibility to grow when they needed to as well. This coupled with a NAS drive which required constant monitoring and patching for security updates meant a change was needed to prevent downtime for the business.

They have very old hardware on site and poor networking across their Grade listed Building. This all requires upgrading and modernising.


Using Microsoft 365, we migrated the email system to the cloud, allowing a more mobile work force. Also allowed synchronisation of a shared mailbox to boost their support productivity as well as giving them a guaranteed uptime and scalability their business needed.

Sharepoint was added to remove the older antiquated NAS drive meaning that security was already being taken care of by Microsoft instead of assigning time internally. With the Covid restrictions in place in 2020 it meant the files could be access easily and securely wherever they were in the world.

Impact and Advantage

The work we conducted allows the workforce to be completely non reliant on a small third party email supplier and having the manually patch the NAS weekly just to maintain a status quo.

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