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Crypto and Ransomware Proactive Protection

Kam Construction


As ransomware becomes more prevalent and increases over the last 3 or so years, as a company we took the view that we needed to do something about the situation in order to protect our customers (and reduce any potential downtime).

We already had a brilliant proactive antivirus, but sometimes customers were bypassing this system and putting themselves in potential danger.


Utilising already present technologies inside Windows Server – File Server Resource Manager, we created a bespoke scripting system that catches potential threats, logs a call in our ticketing system and locks out the affected user.

Impact and Advantage

With this system, to date, we have saved a lot of potential ransomware situations for our customers, many times they have not even known about it, until we have informed them.

This saves downtime for the customer, potential data loss and Disaster Recovery situations for ourselves.

As far as we are aware this is a unique product to ourselves here in Northampton.

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