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Installing a better system to future proof their IT

Auto Rescue Logistics


A local manufacturing company in Kettering, running off of a very old NAS and needing a future proof IT solution with secure remote access.

The customers LOB has been very slow for some time, they have no file security and no onsite domain or server infrastructure.


We were approached to quote and install a better system to future proof their IT in the coming years and allow the company to continue it’s expansion (looking to double staff over 2 years).

The customer already had Office365 and were leveraging some aspects of it, but were unhappy with the speed of access for files and the lack of file / folder level security options.

We proposed upgrading the current 10/100 switches to Unifi Fully Managed switches, with a 2 gigabit link between them (providing maximum throughput and resiliency for cable fault between the core switches).

We also prosed an onsite server solution, domain, file and print server and Terminal Server for remote access to their LOB.

Impact and Advantage

This solution has resolved the customer’s issues and will allow them to expand in the future.

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