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On Premises data migration to Sharepoint Site

Werrens UK


A customer had an aging server, nearing end of life for the hardware and software. Office staff used the onsite server.

Also the customer had many engineers on the road, not coming into the office very often. The engineers were storing their data on their laptops locally, with little and sporadic backups being taken.

They wanted to leverage the latest in technologies to create a future proof solution ongoing.


We quoted a Office365 and SharePoint site solution, allowing them utilise the latest in cloud technologies from Microsoft.

The flexibility of not having a central storage / server meant onsite Disaster Recovery and support was not needed. Also this solution meant that the customer did not need to fund a large up front capital expenditure, the costs being monthly ongoing.

Impact and Advantage

The customer now can have all their data in one location, being backed up and secure.

The engineers out and about can access the data over mobile tethering or other internet connections when available.

The customer is very happy with the solution.

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