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NC Book Keeping


Nathan Charles aims to help small businesses and individuals with all financial and taxation issues Our experienced and friendly staff can advise on all of the challenges that affect you and your business; providing the right support, information and guidance at a fixed price. So whether your problem is taxation, accountancy, payroll, book-keeping or just not knowing who to turn to; talk to us for advice you can rely on. Let us become an indispensable member of your team.

The customer had old IT equipment left over from their previous IT support, and needed to invest in their IT in a big way to enable them to reduce issues and increase efficiency.


We quoted to replace all the PCs onsite and to replace their “server”. Our quote included a proper HP ML server, OS and redundant hardware, as well as the needed equipment for such a system (UPS, etc). We move the data from the old “server” to the new systems and got it all working for them with minimal downtime for the customer.

Impact and Advantage

The systems are newer, faster and better for their ongoing IT needs.

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