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Removing an old out of support server for Solutions Diverse

Solutions Diverse


A manufacturing company in Leicestershire came to us looking at ways of maximising their IT infrastructure and to make it easier to manage and maintain.

The current IT didn’t know what software was installed, support was sporadic as they didn’t have a grasp on the application set and added complexities that were not needed.


Ashby Computers started an onboarding process where we site down and watch the client and how they wish to work. Once this was understood it meant we could then make small changes to make their lives easier.

Group policies were removed and our proactive monitoring remote management tool – Atera was installed.

Impact and Advantage

Atera picked up the software installs and when this generated a report to the onsite IT engineer, they could finally see what applications were installed and why onsite.

Atera was then used to control the windows update policy as well as to push out 3 new software packages that were needed that the previous It company ‘did not have time for’.

After the group policy changes were finalised, the network was running much smoother, with greater visibility and much less helpdesk tickets.

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