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Turney and Partners  

As well as farming and property we focus on managing and improving our environment, be that through tree and hedge planting and management, the development of the M1 wind farm or our use of biomass to heat our commercial and residential property.


Turney and partners approached ourselves as part of a process of changing IT support partners from their current one to another one, due to poor levels of support and bad SLAs.


We had conversations and meetings with their representative. As we knew the incumbent IT company, we knew what would need to be done to migrate them over to our industry standard packages, away from the incumbents non industry standard suite. 

Impact and Advantage

The customer liked our approach and went with us as the preferred partner.

We communicated with the incumbent IT support company, and with them, migrated all the services over to our suit of packages. The customer is happy with the result.

For more information about our services, please call us today on 01604 790979