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Removing an old out of support server for Whitemoor Lakes

Whitemoor Lakes


A company in Staffordshire were running an old in-house Small Business Server 2011 (SBS 2011) server with email files and active directory still being ran in a production environment.

The server operating system went end of life some time ago and was a security risk to their business data as well as being slow die to the server’s age.


Ashby Computers sat down with Whitemoor and listened to their requirements and gave them different options. 1 to replace the server for a like for like and 2 to migrate their data and their email to the Office 365 platform.

Impact and Advantage

The speed increase that the users saw when accessing their data and email was at least 3-fold, no longer were they changing the backup drive daily as this was all handled by a cloud to cloud backup service. Email changes and permissions were near instant for them now, resulting in much more efficiency.

The greatest feature was remote working – due to the nature of the setup VPN was not possible, now data can be access from anywhere in the world with ease and speed.

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