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Is third party ink and toner a false economy?


Here at Ashby’s we are seeing increasing numbers of support calls related to poor quality printing or printer related problems.

Our engineers are finding the issues more often than not relate to Third Party or Refilled inks and toners. A good number of these issues normally crop up after the toner has just been changed for a “new” one, this being a non original part. Replacing these with genuine toner or ink resolves the issue, but means that the customer is left buying 2 or more toners or inks when they could have only needed to buy 1.

Sometimes our engineers are seeing knock on effects of prolonged use of these non geniune parts, causing other parts of the printer unit to wear quicker or fail totally.

Also of note is that whilst a printer unit is in warranty with a manufacturer, if a non genuine toner or ink is used, then this is recorded on the unit, and any faults may not be covered under the warranty. We have seen this first hand, and again the customer is left with the repair bill, when they would have assumed that the issue was covered under warranty.


Ashby Computer Services can supply you with geniune toners and ink, and if your order is placed before 1600 on a working day, we can ship next working day free of charge!


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