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Windows 10 – Latest Information – 23rd June 2015

Some more information has been released by Microsoft regarding Windows 10.

Due to the nature of information being released, we will endeavour to inform our customers when information has been confirmed first.

What we know so far that has been confirmed:

  • The release date for Windows 10 has been set as 29th July 2015,
  • It will be free for one year from that date to anyone who runs certain versions of Windows 7 and 8.1 – including Home and Professional versions (not including Windows 8 RT, Vista, XP or any other previous version of Windows), a legal and previously activated Windows 7 or 8.1 license must be on the PC already,
  • After that year has expired and the upgrade hasn’t been registered or completed, a license must be purchased for Windows 10 to get it,
  • The upgrade will be over 3Gb in size and will take a long time to download (on ADSL connections) and install, please bear this in mind if upgrading more than one PC on the same internet connection,
  • The performance should be on par with Windows 8.1, but we cannot say how much of an impact it may have on a system until release of the final version,
  • Many programs currently running on Windows 7 or 8.1 should work, however until final release most Software manufacturers and developers are keeping quiet about compatibility, we urge customers to seek advice from any software support companies for compatibility information before upgrading, and to state again our advice is to hold off upgrading any corporate network systems before testing of software, peripherals, etc has been conducted and completed,

If a license is required to be purchased then we can quote for this at the time,

Any questions, please contract or 01604 790979 and ask to log a call.


The Ashby Computers Support Team