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The importance of offsite spam filtering


SPAM, SPAM, SPAM and more SPAM, everyone knows about spam email and how annoying it can be to receive an unlimited number of junk emails daily and having to wade through them to get to the one real email. However spam isn’t always just a nuisance it could actually be costing your company MONEY. With offsite spam filtering you could have more time to do your day-to-day job, receive less potential virus or phishing email and ultimately have less IT support issues.

Most companies are running an in-house email server still be it through standalone exchange or small business server, and while in-house spam filters have worked in the past they are less likely to be doing the job still today. Also the fact that the virus and the spam are still received these can take up vital hard disk space from your server. With the ever-increasing growth of spam rates across the globe, and more sophisticated spamming techniques, these traditional methods of spam reduction are now not fit for purpose.

That being said Office 365 and other online cloud systems have built-in ‘basic level’ spam filtering these are also normally not up to the job. The Ashby Computers external email filter can deal with all of the above and more.

Ashby Computers Cloud Email Filtering

This is a system whereby your incoming email flow is filtered by a third-party before it even arrives at your own server or even a cloud based email server. The external company securely pass the email through numerous external filtering policies and virus databases and strip the spam away before sending the legitimate email to your mailbox all in the space of a couple of milliseconds!!

What Do We Gain?

A uncluttered mailbox is always nice to see rather than the dreaded 1000 new emails with the majority of these being SPAM. However there are other benefits of these systems.

The install is easy and simple and is handled by our expert engineers and the transfer is seamless with no loss of service.

Virus’s set via email are a thing of the past, users wont ‘accidently’ click onto a virus email and infect the entire network.

Reduces the workload of the server, with the server handling less and less email flow the server will last you longer as it won’t require upgrading as

Backscatter – email where you are the actual owner of an email address is stopped as only valid users and valid email that has come or destined to your mailbox can come through.

Hack attempts, the server is locked down to only receive email from the cloud email filter and as such no direct connections are being made and again closing another unwanted hole in on premises email servers

A great additional feature that can be implemented is email continuity. Your email server goes down or your internet goes down, normally email would start to bounce and you could miss vital emails and orders. With our email filter you have the ability to log into a continuity portal and send and receive email as if it was on your server. As soon as your server or internet comes back the email flow restores and the changes are merged together and no emails have been lost.

So why wait with all these great features you will get from as little as £2.10 per user per month

Please call or email for further details.