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Microsoft is set to start rolling out the next new feature update to Windows 10, version 1903, also known as the “Spring (April) 2019 Update” in the coming weeks. This is the company’s seventh feature update since Windows 10 was first released in 2015. Yes 4 years of Windows 10!

New Light Theme

One of the most visual new features you will find is a new “Light Theme” that gives Windows a clean and, well, light look and feel.

Windows Sandbox

Sandobox mode allows you to run untrusted apps in an isolated environment that doesn’t affect the rest of your system. This feature is much easier than setting up a virtual machine that takes time and system resources as well as being protected against anything nasty inside your package.

Windows Sandbox

Enhanced Search Mode

Windows Search has also gained an “Enhanced” mode. Starting with 1903 you can turn it on, and it will search across all folders and connected drives. You can also exclude searching for specific locations during the search process.

And There’s More!

Of course, there are a plethora of other new features like Reserved Storage, automatic active hours, Mail app improvements, and the usual under-the-hood upgrades for security and stability. You will find helpful new improvements as you continue to use the new build and we’ll continue to cover them. But the features listed above are some of the ones you will want to check out first.

If you are not currently running Windows 10 or would like more information please make contact today.