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How to Choose an IT Support Provider

Are you looking for someone to handle the IT management, maintenance, and cybersecurity for your business?

You deserve to know.

Not all IT support providers are created equal.

In fact, there are several different IT support models and service delivery strategies employed by business technology professionals today.

#1 – The You Break it, We’ll Fix it Model

The traditional, hours + materials model of IT support. The computer repair team comes when you call to fix whatever has gone wrong.

#2 – The Retainer Model

In this scenario, you pay an outside IT company a monthly fee, just in case you need their services that month. The retainer fee usually includes a set number of IT support hours.

#3 – The Block Hours Model

The block hours model allows you to buy IT support hours in advance at a slightly discounted rate and use them within a set timeframe.

#4 – The Managed IT Services Model

The Managed IT Services model is a proactive, subscription-based IT support model that stands apart from the other IT support models. A Managed IT Services firm focuses on preventing IT incidents as opposed to responding to them. This change in focus ensures higher security and uptime for your business.

It’s important to note that some companies use a combination of the above technology service models to accommodate individual business requirements.

Now that we have discussed the different kinds of IT support companies that are out there, let’s dive into what you should be looking for in an IT support partner.

The Signs That You’ve Found the Right IT Support Partner

  1. They understand how your business works and how the technology you use supports your processes.
  2. They have a pricing structure that can be budgeted and easily predicted.
  3. They have staff with experience and a wide array of IT specialties.
  4. A live person answers the phone every time you call.
  5. You get a quick response to email enquiries.
  6. They’re interested in finding technologies to help you be more efficient.
  7. They know how to leverage technology as a competitive advantage.
  8. They have strong references. – Make sure you check them!
  9. They have a big enough team. So you don’t get stranded when a few go on holiday at the same time.
  10. They’re using the technologies that they are trying to sell to you in their own business.
  11. They have a plan to help you avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime and downtime.

Notice what we haven’t talked about yet?


Price is not a good indicator of whether the IT support team you’re considering is right for you or not. A low price doesn’t always mean that they won’t do a good job, and a high price doesn’t ensure that you’re getting top-quality service either.

What You Should be Looking for is VALUE.

  • Are they proactive in their maintenance/security protocols and schedule?
  • Do they have a track record of solving IT issues quickly?
  • Can they partner with you in looking into the future with you?

That’s the team you can trust with the IT assets that undergird ALL your business processes!

Still looking for an outstanding IT support team? We’re here to serve you. Just call or email to begin a no-obligation conversation with one of our specialists.