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How to Save 20% on the Cost of Microsoft 365 (for Business)

Microsoft has done it again, and business users are worried that this might not all be good.

If you are a Microsoft Business and Enterprise user, then you should expect a price increase for software licenses across the board – and Microsoft is raising licensing costs for their software up to 25% for a full annual license.

There’s some good news for businesses and freelancers who rely on Microsoft. While you could expect to pay as much as 25% if you register your software later this year, there’s still a small gap in which you can save on your Microsoft subscription if you do it in time.

Don’t pay more for Microsoft and Office 365 software just yet!

See what our guide has to say about it first.

Here’s how to save up to 20% on the cost of Microsoft 365 (for business).

Price increase for monthly plans at 20% more.

Microsoft and Office 365: The Planned Price Hike

If you register Business and Enterprise versions of Microsoft and Office 365 this year, Microsoft has been hinting at the strong possibility of a price increase long before they announced new software additions such as Microsoft Loop.

Finally, they set the date for the price hike as March 2022.

Microsoft has promised that their Office and Microsoft 365 software will remain one of the most powerful and secure suites you can buy… We can only hope that this means what you pay Microsoft will be worth the claims they make.

Once price hikes have come into effect, all new registrations and upgrades will have to pay the new, increased price for licensed Microsoft software, which includes everything from Microsoft Loop to the basic Business or Enterprise operating systems.

There’s one more change to Microsoft subscriptions that especially business users should pay attention to… Microsoft has taken away the option for shortened, cheaper subscriptions. Now this leaves users to either buy the full Office or Microsoft 365 subscription or pay by the month to activate their software.

How to Save 20% on Your Subscription

While the planned price hike for all Microsoft 365 software was intended to go live in March 2022, Microsoft has extended a courtesy period for software registration that could save users some money if they switch to an annual plan.

Annual Microsoft and Office 365 subscriptions are available at the normal price.

Monthly Microsoft and Office 365 subscriptions will remain at their “old” rate for at least an estimated month or two into the future.

No business wants to be caught using outdated software, and Microsoft has delayed their final price hikes to allow business users to catch up with the times and upgrade what they work with right now.

To conclude, if you want to delay the price hike, get in touch with us today. We can help.

If you want to pay less for your Microsoft or Office 365, now is the best time to make sure your software is up-to-date and licensed.