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An Introduction to IT Services

Once upon a time, using a computer in business was considered futuristic. In those early days, it felt like everything related to information technology was new and experimental. Things have moved on, and now almost all businesses cannot operate without some form of technology.

How Have IT Services Changed?

Be it a single laptop or a fleet of servers all connected to a corporate cloud, there’s management and compliance required.

IT Services have evolved from what was once a desktop computer that may have been upgraded and repaired once every 6 months by the “IT guy,” to something called managed IT service providers (MSPs) for short.

You may already have one of these services or are contemplating how you’ll effectively source and manage everything related to hardware/software and data in your business.

Modern-day MSPs are invaluable in organisations of all sizes, helping you and your team navigate the headaches of technical support but also in understanding and complying with the ever-changing cyber threat and data compliance landscape.

No longer is the IT guy rumbling under your desk to find the power switch; they’ve evolved to manage your IT needs and help you achieve your business goals through smart investments in technology.

How Can IT Services Be An Investment?

That last line can’t be understated; many businesses see IT and technology as a cost, but with the right IT provider, you can turn what looks like a cost in the business into an investment. For every pound you spend, in return, you can get back a tenfold or even a hundredfold multiplier.

However, achieving this technology investment strategy is not simple and takes time. First, there’s the whole process of looking at the business processes, which can be streamlined using smart tools such as AI or software automation.

Then there’s the realisation of transforming processes and data within your business to leverage opportunities that drive growth and innovation in your business.

These things don’t come easily, but with focus, time, and the right IT provider, you can achieve greatness.

Our Reliance On Technology

The dark side to all this is our ever-increasing reliance on technology to operate our businesses. What happens if your business systems are compromised and you are held to ransom? Would the business still be able to operate? Do you have the right protocols and procedures in place? What does your response plan even look like?

That’s not all, though. Ransomware and viruses are one thing, but what about your brand and reputation with suppliers and clients in your marketplace? For example, an attacker could leak sensitive data or sit unknowingly in your corporate network for weeks, if not months, before doing all sorts of unpleasant damage to your business.

These concerns, along with the business opportunities and technology-led investment growth, place IT Service providers in a unique position in your business.

The question you now have to ask is whether you have the right partner in place.